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Meet Mark Taylor, a 47 year old man from Massachusetts who was recently released seven months late from his prison sentence for assault. What’s even worse about this oversight is that Taylor, a schizophrenic with a history of drug abuse, was given no rehabilitative support following his release; he was essentially handed a garbage bag for his belongings, offered a collect phone call, and dropped off at a men’s homeless shelter.

This is a prime example of the need for prison reform not only in Massachusetts but all across the United States. Taylor was actually eligible for release 217 days early because of his participation in rehabilitative and education programs during his incarceration, but due to human error and the way Massachusetts catalogs prisoner information, the mistake was only caught a month before Taylor’s release.

Now, Taylor is on a waiting list for a bed at a Department of Mental Health facility in Massachusetts. The transition from prison life to the outside world is a difficult one for any individual, but Taylor’s mental health needs should have been taken into account before his rushed release, especially considering his schizophrenia. Here’s hoping the Department of Corrections at the very least makes a public apology to Taylor and gets him that bed so he can receive treatment– regardless, the DOC is probably going to find itself on the receiving end of a lawsuit.

Read the article from The Boston Globe.

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